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Performance Smooth Mining Haul Truck Bed Wear Resistant Liner Systems

Increase Service Life, Reduce Carry Back, Reduce Unloading Cycle Times, Reduce Hydraulic Wear

SAS Global Corporation has developed an engineered truck bed liner package system that provides significant cost savings and return on investment. Although the package is designed to greatly improve the wear life of the truck bed. Knowledge gained from computer modeling and actual field-testing has shown that our package substantially increases structural strength of the bed and greatly enhances performance in operations.

Proven Performance Benefits

  • Engineered for a completely clean dump every cycle
  • Material dumps from the bed by the time bed is raised 70%
  • Reduction in Hydraulic Wear and Failure
  • Reduced Installation Time
  • Reduced Weight
  • Easy to Maintain
SAS Global Premium Truck Bed Liner System

Tail Section Liner Still Going Strong After 10 Years In Service

CAT 793D SAS Global Premium Truck Bed Liner Case History

A large hard rock gold mining facility recently performed a scheduled inspection and maintenance on one of their CAT 793D haul trucks. This bed was removed from service due to the alloy steel ahead of the SA1750CR Premium Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate tail section needing to be replaced. This truck had been utilizing the same SAS Premium Liner System for 10 years!

During this maintenance, the SAS Global SA1750CR Tail Section Liner only had a few hot spots. These simply required hand overlay via hardface welding, which was done in the field. The back 90" SA1750CR liner was then released back into production for a second time.

The thickness inspection revealed the SA1750CR Tail Section only lost 0.187” (just about half the starting thickness), and the wall liners only show very slight signs of wear after 65,000 hours of service over the last 10 years!

Shown below is a SAS liner package installed in a CAT 793D truck bed. This liner has been in service for over 1.5 years at a large Gold Mine in Nevada. The Gold Mine expects this SAS Global Liner to last 4 plus years. The liners from a competitor were lasting only 16 months.

SAS Global Truck Bed Liner