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Pressure Frame Wear Plates and SAS Protection System - MPS Series Modernization

Fabricated from Premium Wear Resistant Materials to Provide Maxium Protection and Service Life

SAS Pressure Frame Wear Plates

SAS Global Premium Pressure Frame Wear Plates are custom manufactured to meet your specifications and service life goals. SAS Global has many premium wear resistant material options to provide you with the best possible solution.

Abrasion Resistant Material Options:

SAS Pressure Frame Wear Protection System

´╗┐The pressure frame in your MPS Pulverizer is a vital component that is exposed to erosion from the pulverized coal making its way up to the classifier. The pressure frame is a very labor intensive component to remove and replace. So, why not give it the best protection available?

Shown above are images of wear found on a typical MPS Pressure Frame.

Shown above is a SAS Pressure Frame Liner System installed. The SAS Liner System shown is fabricated from SureAlloy® Premium Carbide Overlay Plate for maximum protection.

SAS Pressure Frame Wear Protection System shown above fabricated from SA2000 Premium Complex Carbide Overlay Plate.

Can also be fabricated from:

SA1750CR Premium Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate

SA6000 Patented Mircostructure Complex Carbide Overlay Plate