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Performance Dozer Blade Wear Resistant Liner Systems

Increase Service Life, Reduce Fuel Consumption, Load Blade Faster

SAS Global Corporation manufactures liner packages for many types of Dozer Blades using SureAlloy Premium Carbide Overlay Plate. The SAS Global Liner System produced from SureAlloy Premium Carbide Overlay greatly reduces the coefficient of friction, therefore allowing the material to flow with complete ease up the scroll of the dozer blade face.

Proven Performance Benefits

  • Dozer will fully load in appoximately half the current push distance. Flow is engineered to allow material to flow upward on scroll as it was designed
  • Dozer will travel appoximately one mile per hour faster in the push cycle. Done by completely eliminating the possibility of material hang ups
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to easier push cycles
  • Designed for easy and fast installation. Custom fit which eliminates excess trimming and saves up to 11 hours
  • Provides up to 50% in extended life over other liners
Dozer Blade Liner

SAS Global Dozer Blade Liner
SAS Global Dozer Blade Liner