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Patented Silver Bullet High Performance Exhuater Fan

Increase Air Flow • Eliminate Hub Faliure • Designed for Extended Service Life

The Patented Silver Bullet Exhauster Fan is designed to perform with optimum efficiency and the ability to increase airflow. The objective is to provide a high efficiency exhauster fan without replacing motors or scroll liners and/or other modifications. For example, some units have enough airflow with a 55% efficient paddle wheel, in that case we design the fan to move the same amount of air and use less power to do it, subsequently there is a realization of increased grinding capacity. Other units require more air to achieve grinding capacity increases; some units need the air to dry the fuel, etc. SAS takes all of these factors into consideration when designing a Silver Bullet Exhauster to meet your specific requirements.

Silver Bullet Exhauster Fan

Entire fan assembly is built around the center of gravity of the Hub:

  • Providing a substantial boost in the strength of the fan
  • Completely eliminating any potential hub failure.
Silver Bullet Exhauster Fan

Different Fan Blade Liner Material Options Available:

  • Combination of high alumina ceramic and tungsten tile liner
  • All brazed tungsten tile liner

Key Features:.

  • Designed for optimum efficiency while keeping ease of maintenance in mind
  • Entire assembly is built on the center of gravity of the Hub
  • Engineered structure eliminates hub failure
  • The blade of the fan is structurally attached to the hub and back shroud of the fan
  • Induction bars prevent coal spillage behind fan
  • SAS Patented Inlet Venturi ensures all fuel is delivered into the center of the fan and doesn’t drop into housing
  • Increased airflow and/or efficiency
  • Available stocking and maintenance programs, so you’ll never be without a spare fan