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HVT (High Velocity Thermocouple) Testing Services

Why is it important to perform HVT Testing in your Boiler?

HVT Testing will allow you identify the current combustion status of your boiler as close to the combustion zone as possible. The HVT probe accurately measures gas temperature, but also measures the different levels of gasses within the upper furnaces. The data collected during the HVT Test can determine:

  • NOX and CO profiles
  • Oxygen profile
  • Oxygen levels
  • Temperature profile
  • Flue gas temperatures
  • Possible fuel imbalances between burners
  • Possible secondary air imbalances
  • Possible air leakage into the boiler (leading to excessive O2 levels)

Example Data: HVT Contour and 3D Graphs of Upper Furnace Flue Gas

With the utilization of water cooled probes flue gas profiles were obtained with HVT (High Velocity Thermocouple) traverses. HVT traverses were completed on the 40’ wide X 38’ deep upper furnace utilizing four (4) ports. The following graphs illustrates the testing grid on a plan view. Note data is collected on 2 foot increments.