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Grinding Pressure Monitor System - MPS Series Modernization

Proper grinding pressure in your MPS Mill is very important in order to maintain capacity and proper fineness. Ideally, your grinding pressure should change with load. As the load goes up, so should the grinding pressure.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve and Monitor Capacity
  • Improve and Monitor Fineness
  • Calibrate pressure for fineness to control capacity amd mill DP
  • Konw when grinding surfaces are wearing
  • Konw when spring degradation is taking place
  • Be able to identify when tramp iron is in the mill
  • Balance the load evenly on the main baerings
Grinding Pressure System

Do you know what your actual real-time grinding pressure is? Would you like to?

If so, the SAS Patented Grinding Pressure Monitor System is your answer. This device is engineeried to messure the grinding pressure at each of the grinding locations within a vertical mill. This is accomplished with the use of load cells. The information is shown on a local display and/or in the control room.

Example System for a MPS Style Mill Shown