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Patented Rotating Vane Wheel - CE RP / RS Series Modernization

Fine Tune Air Flows with the SAS Adjustable Throat

Shown above with closed race vane, also available in a cantilever vane configuration

Performance Benefits:

  • Lower mill Motor Amps: Typical reductions have been 10% to 18%
  • Lower Primary Air Flows: The SAS design has adjustable airport, allowing throat air velicities to be adjusted to match the required air mass
  • Increased Fuel Drying Capability: The SAS vane/deflector arrangment dries the coal faster by providing a more evenly supported coal bed around the periphery of the bowl.
  • Quicker Mill Response Time: An evenly supported coal bed and improved circulation/mixing of hot primary air provides smoother and quicker ramping of the mill.
  • Increased Mill Capacity: Having extra capacity is beneficial should a mill be removed from service during peak generation times.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Even coal flows at lower velocities will improve the life of internal mill components.