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Patented High Spin Static Classifier for Remote Classifier

Designed to Improve Fineness and Finess Control in all Vertical Mills and Remote Classifiers

The Patented High Spin Static Classifier is available for most style pulverizers and remote classifiers. This SAS Global retrofit features externally adjustable blades that can connected with a dust-tight linkage system, or have individual adjustment points for each blade.

The optional dust-tight linkage stays free from coal build-up for a maintenance free life of smooth operation. The specially designed linkage allows the blades to move together while staying in correct alignment. This guarantees proper blade alignment with every adjustment. The blade adjustment can be made automatically with an actuator or by a single manual lever.

The SAS Adjustable High Spin Static Classifier Retrofit is a proven and reasonable alternative to making the substantial capital commitment required for Dynamic Classifiers. SAS customers have achieved 6% to 15% capacity improvements, while concurrently reaching 99.8% thru 50 mesh and 76.2% thru 200 mesh fineness levels – grinding at 42 HGI coal.

The shape and downward extension of the SAS blade takes full advantage of the kinetic energy and rotational flow produced by the SAS Patented Pre-Spin Mixer. As the circumferentially propelled coal particles reach the classifier inlet, the flow is accelerated into the cone and a vacuum condition is developed from the continuously increasing centrifugal acceleration.This phenomenon effectively turns your classifier into a cyclone separator.

Patented SAS Remote Classifier
High Spin Static Remote Classifier - Riley FW Ball Mill

High Spin Static Remote Classifier - Riley FW Ball Mill