Reduction of Labor Cost and Fuel Consumption Through the Implementation of Premium Engineered Wear Resistant Liner Systems

Jan 12, 2023

In today’s tight labor market and high cost of diesel fuel it is more important than ever to keep your equipment running efficiently and reduce maintenance hours. One way to accomplish both tasks concurrently is to utilize wear resistant liner systems that are engineered to fit properly, reduce weight, have minimal weld seams, and utilize premium wear resistant materials.

Properly engineering a liner package will reduce the amount of labor and downtown for a piece of equipment, such as a truck bed liner or slag bucket. Utilizing 3D laser scanning ensures the proper dimensions are taken and allow for a perfect fit in the field. This ensures the installers will be able to attach the liner kits quickly and without extra handling / modifications to make it fit. This efficient use of labor will not only save time, which is money, but also increases the level of safety.

3D Laser Measurement Scan

Choosing the proper Premium Wear Material for the application is also a very important part of reducing maintenance time, increasing production, and reducing fuel costs. The increased wear life that can be realized by using a premium wear material over standard AR400 or AR500 plate could be up to 20 times the service life. This not only allows you to reduce maintenance time and increase production but can also provide a reduction in component stress and fuel consumption. The reduction in fuel consumption and component stress is obtained by using a premium level wear material for the liner system. For example, if you were using a standard 3/4” thick AR500 you could switch it out for a Premium ¼ on ¼ Carbide Overlay Plate. This Premium Carbide Overlay Plate would not only provide at substantial increase in wear life, but a reduction in weight. This reduction in weight allows for less fuel consumption, increased payload in buckets and truck beds, and reduces stress on moving components.

When partnering with a company to manufacturer your liner systems it is important to not only make sure they utilize 3D scanning technology for optimal design and fit but have the proper premium wear resistant materials available in inventory. Inventory is key in today’s climate. Delays in product availability will put the production of your liner system behind and may cause it to miss the deadline of your maintenance schedule. So always find out if they manufacture their own wear materials, have them in inventory, or purchase them from a third party.

By partnering with the proper company which utilizes a full array of premium wear resistant materials, your next liner system will provide you with a reduction in labor, increased production, improved safety, reduction in fuel costs, and less stress on your equipment components.