Patented Diffusion and Coal Balancing Technology: Patented Multi-Outlet Diffuser

SAS Global has learned through extensive modeling, field research, and testing that to correct fuel pipe imbalance the problem must be dealt with at the source – as the coal exits the pulverizer. SAS has developed the Multi-Outlet Diffuser to deal with this challenge. The SAS Multi-Outlet Diffuser system mixes the pulverized coal and air into a homogeneous mixture as it exits the upper turret and enters the individual fuel pipes. A significant improvement in air to fuel ratio between all the fuel piping now allows for the proper usage of an orificing system, if needed, to match the fuel pipe velocities. The SAS Multi-Outlet Diffuser is designed to work on all types of pressurized mills with outlet chambers, including Foster Wheeler, MPS Pulverizers, Riley Ball Mills, EL Mills, and all CE Mills (or equivalent brand).

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Coal ribboning, or roping, naturally occurs inside of the Pulverizer due to uneven coal bed depth and flow around rolls. If these ribbons of heavy fuel are allowed to continue thru the upper turret section, they will cause very unbalanced fuel distribution across the fuel pipes.

Improve air/fuel ratio and pipe-to-pipe fuel balance: Reduce Emissions, Improve Heat Rate and Combustion

The SAS Multi-Outlet Diffuser breaks up these naturally occurring Coal ribbons and creates a homogeneous mixture of fuel and air exiting the top of the Pulverizer and entering the fuel pipes.