Patented Diffusion and Coal Balancing Technology: Patented CV-Style Adjustable Coal Flow Orifice

CV-Style Adjustable Orifice gives you the ability to fine tune your system balance as part of a complete balancing program. The unique Center V shape of the orifice provides a very smooth restriction curve not found in any other adjustable orifice. Unlike other adjustable orifices, the SAS CV-Style will never jam due to coal impaction. Its design ensures there are no areas where coal build-up can occur. The SAS CV-Style Orifice will remain adjustable, no matter how long they’ve been in use.

The CV-Style Adjustable Orifice is available with both a manual gear box adjustment or manual handle adjustment. Also engineered to fit within existing line blank spools, for a very quick plug and play installation.

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Fine Tune your pipe-to-pipe fuel balance while online

This series is custom designed to fit within an existing or new orifice / isolation valve box. These can be supplied with a line blank to isolate the fuel line. They are available with manual gear box or manual handle adjustment.

Patented CV-Style Adjustable Orifice with Manual Gear Box Adjustment

Patented CV-Style Adjustable Orifice with Manual Handle Adjustment

It can be designed to fit within an existing or new isolation valve box.