The Advanced Coal Flow Measurement System (ACFM) was designed and developed strictly to measure air and fuel flows through coal pipes. It is a computer-controlled PC-based isokinetic extraction type testing system. It utilizes a dirty air probe for air flow measurement, and (3) types of advanced coal sampling probes. Probe types are shown to the lower left.

The computer controlled isokinetic extraction rate is adjusted point-by-point to maintain 100% isokinetic coal extraction across the pipe velocity profile. Each pipe is carefully tested to assure accuracy within 3% for air and 6% for coal. Any deviation out of this tolerance will nullify that particular test and restart another.

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Special Features

• Fast and accurate test results

• Machine self adjusts to extract 100% Isokinetic

• All testing is computer controlled

• Fuel flows automatically moisture corrected

• Comprehensive report

• Easy to understand data format

• Rapid ROI of testing expenditure

Data Obtained

• Coal flow rate

• Primary air flow

• Air/coal ratio

• Primary air velocity

• Primary air temperature

• Air Velocity Profile

• Static & total pressure at the

  measurement location

• Relative humidity

• Dew point

Data Reported

• Coal and air flow rates

• Coal pipe balance

• Coal fineness

• Comparison of measured flows

  to plant instrumentation

• Suspected causes of problems

• Air Velocity Profile

• Recommendations

• Presentation of proven means to

  maximize optimization of your system